Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

1-9 Evaluation

To evaluate their physical fitness and the effectiveness of their physical fitness training programs, all military personnel are tested biannually using the APFT in accordance with AR 350- 15. (Refer to Chapter 14.) However, commanders may evaluate their physical fitness programs more frequently than biannually.

There are two APFT categories of testing for all military personnel Initial Entry Training (IET) and the Army Standard.

IET Standard
The APFT standard for basic training is a minimum of 50 points per event and no less than 150 points overall by the end of basic Graduation requirements for One Station Unit Training require 60 points per event.

Army Standard
All other Army personnel (active and reserve) who are non-IET soldiers must attain the minimum Army standard of at least 60 points per event. To get credit for a record APFT, a medically profiled soldier must, as a minimum, complete the 2-mile run or one of the alternate aerobic events.

Safety is a major consideration when planning and evaluating physical training programs. Commanders must ensure that the programs do not place their soldiers at undue risk of injury or accident. They should address the following items:

  • Environmental conditions (heat/cold/traction).
  • Soldiers’ levels of conditioning ( low high/age/sex).
  • Facilities (availability/instruction/repair).
  • Traffic (routes/procedures/formations).
  • Emergency procedures (medical/communication/transport).

The objective of physical training in the Army is to enhance soldiers’ abilities to meet the physical demands of war. Any physical training which results in numerous injuries or accidents is detrimental to this goal. As in most training, common sense must prevail. Good, sound physical training should challenge soldiers but should not place them at undue risk nor lead to situations where accidents or injuries are likely to occur.

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