Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

11-3 Road Marching

Road Marching
One road march should be conducted weekly with the difficulty of the marches progressing gradually throughout IET.
In the first two weeks of IET, soldiers can be expected to road march up to 5 kilometers with light loads. Loads should be restricted to the standard LCE, kevlar helmet, and weapon. Bones, ligaments, and tendons respond slowly to training and may be injured if the load and/or duration are increased too quickly.

After the initial adaptations in the early weeks of IET, soldiers can be expected to carry progressively heavier loads including a rucksack. By he start of the fourth week, they should be accustomed to marching in boots, and their feet should be less prone to blistering. By the sixth week, the load may be increased to 40 pounds including personal clothing and equipment. At no time during IET or one-station unit training (OSUT) should loads exceed 40 pounds.

A sample regimen for road marches during IET is at Figure 11-1.

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