Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

14-5 Duties of Test Personnel

Duties of Test Personnel
Testers must be totally familiar with the instructions for each event and trained to administer the tests. Correctly supervising testees and laying out the test area are essential duties. The group administering the test must include the following:

– Event supervisor, scorers, and a demonstrator for each event.
– Support personnel (safety, control, and medical, as appropriate). There should be no less than one scorer for each 15 soldiers tested.

Twelve to 15 scorers are required when a company-sized unit is tested.

The OIC or NCOIC does the following:

– Administers the APFT.
– Procures all necessary equipment and supplies.
– Arranges and lays out the test area.
– Trains the event supervisors, scorers, and demonstrators. (Training video tape No. 21-191 should be used for training those who administer the APFT.)
– Ensures the test is properly administered and the events are explained, demonstrated, and scored according to the test standards in this chapter.
– Reports the results after the test.

Event supervisors do the following:

– Administer the test events.
– Ensure that necessary equipment is on hand.
– Read the test instructions, and have the events demonstrated.
– Supervise the scoring of events, and ensure that they are done correctly.
– Rule on questions and scoring discrepancies for their event.

Scorers do the following:

– Supervise the performance of testees.
– Enforce the test standards in this chapter.
– Count the number of correctly performed repetitions aloud.
– Record the correct, raw score on each soldier’s scorecard, and initial the scorecard block.
– Perform other duties assigned by the OIC or NCOIC.

Scorers must be thoroughly trained to maintain uniform scoring standards. They do not participate in the test.

Safety and control people should be at the test site, depending on local policy and conditions. Medical personnel may also be there. However, they do not have to be on site to have the APFT conducted. At a minimum, the OIC or NCOIC should have a plan, known to all test personnel, for getting medical help if needed.

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