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APRT to resemble Soldiering skills

I feel as though we’re putting the cart ahead of the horse when I hear talk about whether a Soldier can pass the new PT test. The experts at the Physical Readiness Division will tell you that they are still in a data collection mode and only one-third of the way there — all of which means that the events of the test themselves are not yet set in stone.

Rather than worry about a test that is still in the works, Soldiers should be thinking about how much better the new test will be to measure overall fitness, now that physical training has become more relevant for them. Remember that we are developing a system of training that relates to performance, particularly as it relates to combat.

Think back a few years, when we first began an intensive review of our initial military training. We determined that we wanted to develop a physical training program geared to increase the fitness of new Soldiers so that they would be ready for a more rigorous PT routine once they reached the operational force. (continue reading…)

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