Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

3-5 Major Muscle Groups

Major Muscle Groups
In designing a workout it is important to know the major muscle groups, where they are located, and their primary action. (See Figure 3-4.) To ensure a good, balanced workout, one must do at least one set of exercises for each of the major muscle groups.

The beginning weight-training program shown at Figure 3-5 will work most of the important, major muscle groups. It is a good program for beginners and for those whose time is limited. The exercises should be done in the order presented.

The weight-training program shown at Figure 3-6 is a more comprehensive program that works the major muscle groups even more thoroughly. It has some duplication with respect to the muscles that are worked. For example, the quadriceps are worked by the leg press/squat and leg extensions, and the biceps are worked by the seated row, lat pull-down, and biceps curl. Thus, for the beginner, this program may overwork some muscle groups. However, for the more advanced lifter, it will make the muscles work in different ways and from different angles thereby providing a better over-all development of muscle strength. This program also includes exercises to strengthen the neck muscles. When doing one set of each exercise to muscle failure, the average soldier should be able to complete this routine and do a warm-up and cool-down within the regular PT time.

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