Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

Army Fitness Handbook – 18 – Agility Exercises

Agility Exercises

All fours run

Place your hands in front of you and run using your hands and feet.


Broad Jump

Jump forward on both feet in a series of broad jumps. Swing the arms vigorously to help with the jumps.


Crab Walk

Place your hands and feet on the ground, hands behind you and stomach facing the sky.

Walk on hands and feet from this position.


Hour Glass Drill

Mark out a box 10 meters x 10 meters. Start at the front left corner of the box. Run across the front (shoulders square to the front) to the front right corner. Back peddle to the center spot, then out to the back right corner. Run across the back to the back left corner. Run forward to the center spot, then out to the left corner.


Three Line Shuffle Drill

Mark three parallel lines on the floor, 4 feet apart. Straddle the center line. Begin by shuffling to the far left line, then to the far right, then left, etc. for the allotted time, crossing each line with the foot.


Bench Jumps

From a standing position, bend your knees slightly and jump to the side (laterally), pushing off with both feet and landing up on a low bench/step. (Beginners may start out without the bench and simply land on the floor.) Come to a full stop, then jump off the other side of the bench and repeat.


Ski Hops

Mark out lines approximately 3 feet apart and 10 meters in length. Start on one side of the paired lines and jump across to the outside of the other line, progressing down the 10 meters. At the end of the 10 meter, immediately jump across the two lines working backward to the original starting point. Forward; Back.


Star Drill

Mark out eight points 3 to 5 steps from a center mark, creating a star pattern. Begin rill standing at the center point. Now run out to the first point of the star then back to the center point. Continue to run to each point in the star coming back to the center each time.

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