Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) FM 21-20 / TC 3-22.20 Training Info

Army Fitness Handbook – 5 – Program Description

Program Description

These Fitness Work-out sheets are designed to be implemented on a workout plan A followed the next day by a workout plan B. Workout A will focus on lower body strength and endurance while workout plan B will focus on upper body strength and endurance. Both days incorporate some abdominal work. Remember it is important to maintain a period of recovery for the abdominal muscles. Trying to overachieve early in a workout program can lead to injury. The reason there is a range within the abdominal exercises is to promote recovery. If you are providing yourself adequate time to recover, over time you should see your abilities increasing.

The cardiorespiratory workouts need to be included into the program. If the program selected is exclusively running (e.g. group run, fartlek, or interval) it should replace the A workout plan. However, if you choose a guerrilla or grass drill workout plan it could substitute for either the A or the B Workout plan. The minimum frequency of cardiorespiratory workouts is two to three per week. For borderline runners the number of workouts may be as high as three to five per week and may consist of a combination of intervals, grass, and guerrilla drills. The determining factor for the intensity and frequency of cardiorespiratory training will depend on the ability and fitness level of the cadet and the intensity of the workout.

For some reason if you miss A workout then the next workout would be the A workout. In a week you should expect to do a total of six workouts per week.

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